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Looking for financial and tax advice and accounting services at a reasonable price? Welcome to our firm. We offer accounting, taxation, and small business consulting services with the personal touch. Our website details a full range of services, contact information, and a company profile, so click around and stay for a while! Feel free to call us; your initial half-hour consultation is free.

Overview Of small business Services

We tailor our services to your business. You can choose services ranging from annual tax return preparation to full-service bookkeeping. Our goal is to make your life easier by helping you find a solution to everyday business needs. Whether it’s payroll, filing tax returns, invoicing customers, managing accounts receivable, paying bills, tax planning, financial reporting ,getting loans, record retention, dealing with government agencies setting up new business entities, marketing, creating a successful web business, or just about any other important that comes along with owning a business , we can help. You choose the services you want.
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Small-Business Bookkeeping

Don’t let the accounting get in the way of enjoying your business. Free yourself to focus on making more money while your Dedicated Bookkeeper

Tax Preparation & Planing

We do taxes. And we do them very well.
Let us handle all the complex work for you, We guarantee the biggest refund!

Full Service Payroll

We personalize your payroll to assist you & your company increase profitability, save time & accomplish more with less while minimizing your exposure to costly penalties.

5-Star Bookkeeping, Tax & Payroll Services

It’s a fact: Working with an accountant dramatically increases the odds of success for your business.

And with 50% of businesses failing in their first five years (Source: SBA), it just makes good business sense to find ways to increase your chances of success with your business.

Need Expert Help with Your Taxes & to Keep More of What You Make?

Are you looking for tax preparation services that will help you minimize your taxes and meet all those tax deadlines?

Then you’re in the perfect place to find out about how we can help you with your tax return preparation, fast and easy filing, and tax planning to reduce your tax bill. We serve hundreds of taxpayers each year, and we can help you save time and money and reduce the stress that goes along with tax time.

Do you want a proactive tax preparer that can help you find effective and safe ways to reduce your tax bill?

We can handle tax return preparation and filing for individuals, businesses, partnerships, trusts, estates, ex-pats, S-Corps, C-Corps, LLCs, sole practitioners with businesses, nonprofits needing to file Form 990, and many others!

Hassle-Free Tax Return Preparation Services for Individuals & Businesses

We know that tax time is probably not your favorite time of the year! We want to make it as quick and pain-free as possible for you.

  • Prepare your tax return
  • Adjust or catch up your business or investment bookkeeping records
  • Check for every deduction you are eligible for
  • Double- and triple-check your tax return’s accuracy
  • Inform you of any that might increase your risk or review or audit
  • Explain the complex in an understandable way so you can feel confident
  • Electronically file your individual, corporate, and estate tax returns
  • Provide you a link where you can check on your refund status
  • Keep you informed of due dates within the scope of our engagement       with you
  • Answer your questions and explain your options
  • Help you with record-keeping requirements
  • Provide year-round access to copies of your returns
  • Be available to call or email year-round for additional tax questions or       services
  • Help you adjust your tax withholding amounts for next year
  • Calculate estimated tax payments you may need to make to reduce or       avoid penalties for next year
  • Make tax projections throughout the year so there are no surprises
  • Meet with you to determine ways to reduce your tax bill for next year
  • Provide you with deductions you may be able to take next year to reduce       your taxes

Quickly & Easily Form Your New LLC, Partnership or Corporation

Accounting Edge Bookkeeping & Tax Services help you quickly and easily form your LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, or other business in the State of California.

Everything you need to start your business – right when you need it.

  • Verify Company Name Availability
  • Preparation & Filing of Articles
  • On-Demand Next Business Day Processing
  • Registered Agent Service
  • Free Business Tax Consultation
  • Customer Support
  • Online Access to Incorporation Documents

From LLC filing to finding a registered agent to drafting operating agreements, Accounting Edge Bookkeeping & Tax Services is here with you every step of the way as you form your business.

Tax Laws And Regulations Are Changing All The Time:
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Year-Round Support

We offer the best support and service you can imagine. We don’t close on April 15, you can get tax to advise year-
round and have access to a tax professional.